Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alex Crisses Insight Ventures Partners

Alex Crisses Insight Ventures Partners is a highly educated professional that is committed to making a difference in the lives of people and communities.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Economics Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002, was not enough for Alex Crisses Insight Ventures Partners, who is always seeking ways to gain more and more knowledge. Thus, Alex Crisses pursued a Master in Business Administration at Harvard Business School and graduated with high distinction in June 2008.

Today, Alex Crisses Insight Ventures Partners is a top Principal at Insight Venture Partners, a company dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with a variety of targeted resources in order to reach their objectives.
And although Alex Crisses is committed to excel at what he does and expand his horizons, he never lets his ambitions get on the way of his desire to contribute to the community and give back as much he can. Alex Crisses is in a fact a supporter of the "Make a Wish Foundation", a fundraiser at the "Sergeants Benevolent Association", as well as a the former director of fundraising and executive committee member of "Minds Matter".

Alex is, I believe, a good example of young professionals who strive to succeed while at the same time, using their success as a mean to benefit the people.