Friday, January 1, 2010

In Sak Narwal's Steps

I recently downloaded the Sims 3 Game on my IPhone and became (Just as I expected) completely hooked. The only thing that I really did not like much about the application is the difficulty of gathering money to get your character to upgrade his house and buy more stuff. Thus, I went on an online search for cheating codes and techniques (I know, That's goes against the game's point).

Anyhow, I was able to find that one way to have your character make more money without sending him to work, is by sending him on a fishing trip. I decided to try for myself and renamed my character Sak Narwal (After the passionate and talented fisherman Sak Narwal), and went on a fishing discovery. Not only I was able to gather more money by selling the fish I caught, but I ended up deciding that fishing in real life might not be as boring as I thought it would.

I am planning to take my first real fishing lesson as soon as the weather permits. I am not planning to compete with Sak Narwal, but only give fishing a try and see how good I can get at it.

But who knows, maybe I will end up like him after all, catching sharks in the waters off Montauk Point, bass in Dixon Lake or red fish in Louisiana. Whatever it is that makes Sak Narwal so passionate about fishing, it certainly makes him a passionate man, and God knows how much I need to learn about patience.

I undoubtedly believe that only a pro of fishing like Sak Narwal can teach you not only to catch the biggest fish but mostly to enjoy every moment of your fishing trip, awaiting the moment to yank as an exquisite reward to your patience and concentration. I cannot help but show some appreciation to a dedicated fisherman, because as any good fisherman knows, you can never master the art of fishing if you are incapable of mastering yourself first.