Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flowers and Funerals

My husband sadly lost his uncle Emanuel on this holiday season. I did not know his uncle that well, I had only met him once, but his daughter and son have always been good to me. So it was with great sadness and deep sorrow that I learned about his passing away.

What's even more tragic is that my husband's family did not allow me to attend the funeral, nor did they think I should go to Uncle's Emanuel's house and pay my respects, because in the Greek tradition, a pregnant woman should not be allowed in places of mourning, to emotionally spare her and her baby the trauma of having to be surrounded by so much sadness.

Thus, my husband had to go alone and extend my regrets to the family. I thought about sending flowers to the family but was not sure what kind to send and where to send it. But thanks to 1-800 Flowers I was able to figure it all out.

Before this incident, I did not even know that 1-800 Flowers offered such a wide variety of floral arrangements specific to these sad occasions. They also provide you with information about your options: whether to send the flowers home or to the funeral home, and which flowers are appropriate for each case.

I ended up ordering a funeral standing spray, from 1-800 flowers which was delivered right in time for the funerals, and although I was not able to attend, I knew that my simple act of kindness, no matter how small it was, meant a lot to his family.

Counting on American Career Group

One stressful thing about quitting my job, to deliver and get to spend some time with my baby, is knowing that sooner or later, I will have to look for another job.

Honestly, I do not intend to become a stay at home mom, not only I do not see myself not running to catch a train, juggling busy schedules and working on impossible projects, but I also would not be able to afford staying home. Fortunately, my mother in law lives five minutes away and cannot wait until she gets to spend time with her grandson. And quite frankly, knowing that he will be in a loving environment, with someone that will care for him and love him as much as his Grand-Mother, makes me feel better about my decision to go back to the workforce.

However, I know for sure that in order for me to leave my son every morning and not see him until night, the job I get has to be a challenging and a rewarding one. Yet, I was a little skeptical about my chances of finding a great job in this shaky economy, so I went on the American Career Group's website to sneak a peek about what positions are out there, and I was glad to find out that this staffing company has some first-class and interesting jobs for people who, like myself, are looking to shorten the distance between a resume and a potential employer.

As soon as I typed in "Marketing Coordinator" into the American Career Group web-site's dialog box, a page full of promising opportunities opened up. So, I stay positive that my next job will be better than my last. I will just have to enjoy my last days of pregnancy, take care of myself and my baby, and when the time comes, I know I can count on the American Career Group to match me with the right job.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Buy me those Glasses!

I cannot believe that I have missed Christmas presents' wish list train this year!!

I simply missed the chance to ask Santa (who happens to be my dear and loving husband) for this gorgeous and classy pair of eyeglasses by Fendi. Had I logged in to a few days earlier, I would have found a sure way to send hints to my husband about what I really wanted for Christmas.
Instead, I ended up picking whatever I could find on Christmas Eve so that, I too, can have a present to open the next day. Well, the truth is that I did get a nice watch, but now that I got to see those glasses, I am really thinking about returning the watch!

But then again, I would rather have the two, so I am thinking that maybe I should take advantage of low prices and affordable shipping rates and get the glasses as my gift to myself for my perseverance this year in accomplishing all the goals I had set for myself. After all, a girl has got to spoil herself every now and then, no?!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finance according to Andrew Wilshire

I recently came across a website full of valuable information for anyone desiring to invest or maybe just learn about investing in Gold and Metal: . The website covers all topics from updated Gold and Silver news, to industry insights and readers opinions.
Andrew Wilshire, a finance specialist and advisor, is a contributor to the website, periodically submitting insightful writings about the investments trends and predictions. Thanks to a newsletter he started back in 1997, Andrew Wilshire is able to convey his market predictions and analyses.

Andrew Wilshire is also the creator and manager of Blue Goose News, an online interactive portal and social network, which enables subscribers to perform a wide variety of activities, from donating money to supporting other loggers.

As Andrew states :"Blue Goose is an interactive warehouse....where responsible citizens collaborate globally for a better tomorrow".

So do not delay, and check out what Andrew has to say, it might even make you some money!