Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oops I did it again!

Again, I forgot one important coming event: Mothers day!

I know I still have few days until Sunday but the drama resides in the fact that my mom lives thousands of miles away. Thus, surprising her for mothers day isn’t easy. It takes quite some thinking and planning. Now, with only four days left, I have no idea how to surprise her.

I already went on 1800flowers website to take a look at their mothers day flowers, but too bad for me, they do not deliver to North Africa. Luckily, they do deliver to Canada, so I have decided I might as well send flowers to my aunt who lives in Montréal. I’ve picked a stunning pink rose & Peruvian lily bouquet for her; I hope she’ll be surprised!

Still, my dilemma is how to get mom her surprise? I am thinking maybe I will just leave work a bit earlier today, go get a nice gift and FedEx it express, hoping it will be delivered to her by Saturday at most. All the same, I feel bad forgetting about mothers day. I mean, I know it’s easy to get lost between work, laundry, moving, cooking, church, etc… But still, I cannot stop thinking that my mom went through this too, but she has never forgotten a birthday, a name-day.

I have got to make this right, so wish me luck!