Friday, April 24, 2009

It's coming....

By this time, you have certainly heard, and maybe even watched Susan Boyle. This lady, who with no fear went to compete on England’s version of the American idol, was made fun of because she didn’t really look the other contestants. Her age and appearance fooled the public and the jury into thinking she is a no no; until she surprised everyone with her angelical voice.
But what I want to talk about isn’t her voice, it’s her timing. Don’t you wonder why now? I do. I wonder why she had to wait all this time, after the numerous unsuccessful auditions she went to, to be revealed. Well, to me, this only proves one thing, that everything eventually happens, but only when it is supposed to happen. We cannot just want something right her, right now, because if it is not meant to be, well it is not!
The key in my opinion is patience. But don’t go thinking I am patient. The thing about me is that I am really good at giving advice, but really bad at listening to my own advice.
Anyhow, life keeps showing the magic of timing. For instance, my wonderful mister had to wait forty years to meet his soul mate (that is me!), my boss had to wait until she had 10 kids to start making money, Paulo Coelho ( The Brazilian Writer) had to wait until a foreigner decided to publish his book…
In life, things happen, sometimes really bad things, but in order for good things to come your way, you’ll have through whatever life throws at you. Susan Boyle is a joyful example, and you know what: Good for her!