Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love you Mamy!

Today, I just couldn’t stop thinking of my Grand-mother. She passed away when I was 14.

I really loved her so much, and I know she loved me just as much, if not more. Everyone used to think I am a perfect copy of her when she was younger. She lived with us in the last 5 years, or so, before she departed, and I remember that even though she was sick, she was trying her best not to be a burden on my parents.
It is obvious that my family didn’t even consider sending my grand-mother to an elderly care center, mainly because they could only imagine how it would feel like for her to be away from the home she always lived in and far from her people. At the same time, my parents couldn’t leave her alone at her house, because they feared she would forget to take her medication, be unable to move to her wheel chair, make her food, or that perhaps something would happen to her and nobody would be there to help her. But I believe she got used to living with us because she felt needed. My sister and I were still very young and enjoyed gathering around her at night bugging her for a tale. I, however, think she would have felt better, maybe more free and independent if she could have stayed in her house. She wouldn’t have felt guilty every time she had to ask us for help, she would have been able to watch her favorites TV shows without worrying whether the rest of us would mind.

So when I came to America, I felt relieved to know that there are many options for older people. I just feel better knowing that if comes a day on which my mom needs supervision, I won’t have to drag her out of her house, but I will be able to provide her with Adult care assistance.

I had first heard of that through a colleague, who with her brothers and sister use the services of Phoenix Homecare, to provide assistance to their dad. As she was telling me, “knowing that someone from Homecare Phoenix is there with my dad 24/7, preparing his food, changing his clothes, making sure he gets his medicines on time..etc.Gives me a sense of tranquility.I know he is safe, I know he is happy”.

I wish we had something like this Home Care Phoenix in my country, it would have made life for my grand-mother and my parents much easier. My grand-mother would have been able to stay in her house, or as she used to call it, the cup of her life (because she had built her life there) and my parents wouldn’t have to worry that she is all by herself. I am even wondering how come nobody thought of introducing such service there?

Anyway, I really miss my Grand-mother, and I know that I have enjoyed having her around, I just hope she enjoyed it as well.