Monday, February 23, 2009

He makes me feel special....

Oh my God! I am a so lucky girl...! I keep falling in love, over and over again! I love my mister, and I just keep falling in love with him everyday a bit more!

Last Saturday was my birthday, and my mister, took care of ordering the cake before hand, made me real tasty breakfast in the morning ( and even washed the dishes!) and tried his best to be a sweetheart all day ( and not even get upset when I was bitching...I am usually cranky on my birthday!).

He even got me a Gucci Leather Bag and took me to a fancy restaurant! I really had the best time ever...The best birthday ever...To see how much someone cares about your well-being and try their best to make your day special...I do not even find the words to describe my joy.

I thank God that I have someone like him, because I know that no matter how old we grow, we will still be able to have fun and care for one another!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting my Roses this Valentine!

I think my mister finally got the message about what I want for valentine: ROSES!!
That is, yesterday before I logged out of his session, I sneaked a peak unto the history (I know that’s not so cool, but it is okay, I am a girl!) and found a link to, and another one to a dozen gorgeous red roses. I do not know what you think, but I am guessing these are for me! It is not as if he never surprises me, but let’s just say that my mister is not your typical flower guy. He prefers to show his commitment with actions, which I must say works better for me! But I still want to feel like a girl this valentine and get my roses.
I still do not have a plan for this valentine, I was thinking we will just take it easy and enjoy our day, maybe treat him to a nice dinner and massage, and that’s about it! After all, isn’t the purpose of valentine to make the other one happy? So I will get my flowers, he will get his massage and we will be all set, sipping champagne and locking eyes…ah!
My boss however has a different view of valentine. According to her, valentine is an occasion for guys to make up for all the mistakes they made all year long ( it is also her excuse to get flowers and not feel obliged to buy her husband something, pretty smart, hein?!)
So let me know what you are doing this valentine…