Monday, January 19, 2009

The Kenyan Media Fight

I was upset to read the latest Kenyan News. Apparently, as the New Year began, the Kenyan President put into action a new media law that forces a number of boundaries on media operations.
In one of my previous post, I had mentioned how proud it made me to see the African Media spread its wings and run free from government control and influence. Linus Gitahi, who I cited as one of the very few media people fighting for the press and media freedom, affirmed that this new law gives the government the right to seize any material used by the Kenyan media. Linus Gitahi said during an interview that the Kenyan President is enforcing this law to give the government power over broadcast whenever the “country’s tranquility” is in the spotlight. I personally think that this is only an excuse to limit the media’s freedom and thus exercise a higher control over it.
As Linus Gitahi said, this law would not only affect the Kenyan Media, but the Kenyan Democracy as a whole.
How can it be that we are celebrating a happy change in America, and others are still fighting for media press, it sometimes seems to me as ones are live in the present and others are still stuck in the past. It will take some courage and a lot of patriotism from Kenyans to get things moving and grant their own change.

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