Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flip with K-Designers!

I just finished my post about flipping houses, and I cannot believe I forgot to mention K-Designers!
K-Designers is great contact to have for remodeling houses, changing windows, installing decks…They are simply efficient. The price is right, the timing is respected and the service impeccable. My mister originally used K-Designers Service when remodeling his house. They did not ask for down payment and provided a wide range of guarantees. He was glad he did so because even though he is a handy man, he knew it would take him a long time to get the job done, he was looking for a professional to hand the task over to and know what to expect, and that’s what he got with K-Designers.
We do not however live in his house as he has it rented out (and the truth is that I wouldn’t want to live there even if I love the house, simply because I want us to get a new house with no memories but ours! You must think I’m crazy but I guess it is a girl’s thing!).
But if I ever get a new house and need any renovation, you know where I’ll go J

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