Sunday, November 16, 2008

The couple that moves on...

I was sad when I earlier checked my friend's profile on facebook and saw that she divorced. It has been less than a year that she was married, and the sad part is that she's pregnant.
At the same time, I couldn't help but what wonder what could have got into their couple over such a short period of time. I couldn't help but wonder, because I am extremely happy with my wonderful mister. I am so happy that we still play like kids (maybe worst than kids, few minutes ago, I had mixed garlic with his coffee!!!!! and he made me drink hot sauce!!)
I am happy because we have more good times than bad times. I mean we have a lot pressure but we always manage to not let it affect us as a couple, we talk about, discuss it, argue it, but not all the time.
I think that if there was one sentence that would best describe us it would be " the couple that moves on". We have been trough a lot lately, but for all that I know, my wonderful mister has always been there for me, I sometimes cannot believe that I actually found someone who does not mind giving up so much to be with me, who willingly does things he would rather not do. and he knows I will do the same for him.
I try to treat him exactly the way I want to be treated, I am not afraid of compromising a little, because I know that a selfish relationship won't last long. And what is most surprising to me, is that I still get emotional when I stare at his eyes, his baby face.

Yeah, you can say I am in deep love... I don't mind it, just let me drawn!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

La pensee positive ( Positive thinking)

Earlier today, I was just browsing the web. Then I google " Pensee Positive" ( I browse the web in French!!) and I came across a very interesting list of positive thoughts by Louise L. Hay, that are meant to change our perception of life. The list consists of 86 thoughts, but I found it very inspiring so I wanted to share some of my favorite positive thoughts with you:

  1. I am happy because I have so much love to give.

  2. I am happier because I receive all the love that I give.

  3. People are like flowers. Each has its own beauty, each opens and flourishes on its own way and rhythm.

  4. When I look lovingly, I see clearly.

  5. The way we see our exterior reflects our interior.

  6. I am not obliged to work hard for a job that doesn't pay good.

  7. I love me in all the experiences I go trough and I know I will be fine.

  8. I share my resources and my knowledge and others share with me.

  9. Thanks to my bills, I feel good knowing I will eventually be able to pay them myself.

  10. To succeed you have to think of yourself as a success, not a failure.

  11. Forgiveness has a healing power that I always have.

  12. Everything is fine, I have all need for now.

  13. I am never in hurry because I know I have all my life in front of me. I just enjoy the moment.

  14. I know that when I am in a bad situation, I have something to learn.

  15. Because we are all unique, there is no competition nor comparison.

  16. Love is the foundation of my religion.

  17. I deserve the best life can offer me.

  18. The only thing you can do now is master your present thoughts. You have all the power over it.

  19. I take care of my body and health with all the love I have for me.

  20. Food is my friend. I thank it for giving its body to feed mine.

  21. My ultimate goal is to be nicer everyday a bit more.

  22. My strongest relationship is with myself.

  23. No matter how bad my situation is, I know someone is thinking of me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes we CANT!

I was watching the 7 news last Friday when I heard of a story that really upset me! The story is that apparently an adult movie has been launched lately, finding its inspiration on the very new political figure, Sarah Palin. The movie star, dressed and looking like Palin welcomes to her house two Russians....and then you can tell what happens next!

I am not democrat nor republican, but this kind of degrading representation upsets me a lot. Why? Because I have never heard of an adult movie inspired by a male politician... Why not a McCain or an Obama adult movie?! The point is that it frustrates me that a woman can never be taking too seriously! For God sakes, she is a mom, a wife...just a woman trying to work her way to the top...Regardless of her succeeding or failing, she shouldn't be considered less that a man!

I am angry because for a country that few days ago was screaming "yes we can" well, i guess there is more to work on! What kind of message is that? " you women better stay hidden or you'll be made fun of???!!". Doesn't everyone has a mom, a sister, a wife, a cousin... Would you like to see happen to them.... It's 2008 and women are still begging for respect, Come on...!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Negative List

I finally feel as if my life is getting back on track. I, at last, start my week aspiring for something, be it a first interview, a second interview (this week though I am hoping a job offer!), getting my driver license, buying a car (a nice fast car!)…

I got back to what I consider success indicator wake up/sleep timing; that is: wake up early in the morning, and at night, be in hurry to get to the bed as the exhaustion consumes your body…

I guess it sounds weird for those who work ceaselessly and wish they could retire early…but I am only 24; I am not going to retire now and get active at 60!!! Maybe I would have been considering myself lucky to be fashionably unemployed (that is being unemployed but still able to be selective…) if I only wanted to work on my family, but the truth is that at the time being, even if motherhood called me really loud, I’d just pretend I didn’t hear anything!

So, as I finally adapted to my new american life, I am feeling outrageously positive, especially that the year is almost over (I am a bit superstitious and I believe that years with odd numbers work best for me…cant wait for 2009!), I think I just made the smartest decision of all to end the negativity once and for all, simply by kicking out of my days all the things and persons that bother me to the extremes…

And here my first draft of the list:

1- Stop worrying and investing so much energy in meaningless things like what’s going to happen tomorrow (am I even sure I live to tomorrow) cleaning (really fanatically I mean), trying to quit smoking (I love it, really, I know it’s bad though, so let’s say I’ll postpone)…!
2- Stop worrying about my weight (I don’t but I feel like when I worry about it less I loose more!).
3- Stop paying attention to that hypocrite guy who pisses me off every time he is nice to me (that only means he spoke too much c*** about me!).
4- Accept the fact that friendships are weird because sometimes friends just take different roads, grow up and develop different interests, but that doesn’t mean that because they are not best friends anymore that they cannot be friends.
5- Take off of facebook all those people who sent me friend requests but who actually never sent me the shortest courtesy note, message or even Hello!
6- Stop locking myself home every time it rains, snows or even gets a bit chilly (that’s why I never got used to the cold, I need to get exposed!).
7- Really stop complaining (or at least try hard) about everything…the weather, my new shoes, my belly, my health, the TV programs, the oily fatty fried dinner…

And it’s getting a little late (yeah now that I sleep early 12 am is what I consider late) so that is all I can think about for now. Hopefully by tomorrow, my list is going to be complete so I can proceed.

Bonne Nuit!