Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am back!!!

Well well!! Here I am, I am still alive and still swinging moods (especially now with the weather change, you know!)

Anyway. I cannot believe I didn’t write on my Blog for so long. The truth is I cannot believe I didn’t even sneak a peak at it all this time. But the truth is I was a little busy…. Interviewing!!! So it is not as if I got lazy or distracted by minor issues (right?).

Overall, most of my interviews went well, and now I am crossing fingers while I wait for the final decision (your prayers please!).

What is unbelievable however, is the economic crisis and how strongly it is affecting employers. They are hurt… In some cases, they even gave me the impression that they were looking for someone who is not only qualified for the job but who is also willing to work for free! This morning, I heard on the news that economists don’t expect this recession to be over until mid or by the end of 2010, and that is 2 years to go… and we know how long a month becomes in a depressed economy. God help us.

I believe we all know by now that no matter who wins the coming presidential election, it is going to take quite some time before we see improvement. I really don’t care that much about who wins as much as I care about who can start working on the issues from day one and show us some results – and the sooner the better.

This is a truly scary situation. I don’t know where it will take us, and it is like this all over the world. My friend in London was complaining about the price increased of the already price increased products there, in Spain and France same story, In North Africa… It is everywhere.
Really, God help us.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Anniversary....Revealed!!!!

I might be having a small problem here, my wonderful mister happened to magically find himself navigating trough my blog, and of course, my wonderful mister happened- magically again, to read my post about me wanting to surprise him for our anniversary ( now you see why I call him wonderful; in case he happens to read this one too! But he promised he won't...!!!),
Luckily, the damage wasn't irreversible as he didn't magically happen to find himself reading the comments, so he doesn't know what I might be thinking...All he thinks I am thinking is to surprise him, but he doesn't know how exactly I wanna do it... OUF!
Anyway, I haven't set my mind to a specific idea yet.... We'll see, I still have time..
So, to get back to the subject, my wonderful and adorable mister also happened to read the post in which I am stupidly complaining about him. He didn't really care what I said, except for one thing: when I said that he doesn't cook. Thus, he promised not to magically find himself reading my posts if I confess that he is an excellent cook, the best chef ever and that he cooks all the time ( hein???)
Now, you know, my wonderful mister is simply wonderful...and does magic!