Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is that me????????????

I feel I am somebody else when;
1- I start acting like a little spoiled girl,
2- I start some activity, project … and never finish it,
3- I doubt and question everything and everybody,
4- I think I’m not being myself anymore,
5- I stay home all day and watch television non stop,
6- I eat whatever, whenever,
7- I make my male frustrated with my mood swings,
8- I avoid meeting my sister for a girl’s evening just because it’s snowing and I’d rather be home,
9- I want to go out at night because that’s what young people do, and I’m young,
10- I want something so bad but change my mind once I get it,
11- When I know that nothing is everything for me,
12- When I read what I just wrote!!!!
what about you???!!!

Spring Oh Spring...

Okay ladies, it’s about spring time, and if you are a normal average lady, when you think spring you think….DIET!!
Well, I personally do!
Luckily for me this year I only need to lose 5 kilos compared to last year’s 20…ouf!!! I had lost 20 kilos but gained 5 back since I moved to the states ( gottta say that nobody dies of hunger in America!), plus I fell in love and all the bla bla bla that can make an endless list of excuses to my weight gain…
But that’s it, I a determined to get back on track and lose it for once and for all, there are better things to do in life than worry about my weight. The thing is that I’m short, and even if I weight 133 pounds, on me it shows more like a 150 so I have to be careful what I eat, the other thing, believe it or not, is that I am able to gain weight just by looking or thinking of food, I swear!!!
Anyway, I have to get in shape before the summer so I can do the “ bronzette” (not to sure how to say it in English…no no no I think it is to tan, yeah) because you know, soon the bronzette would be only available upon a check out by body guards at the entrance of the playa to make sure you can exhibit your body in front of other people… all this to say that the physical impression you give to people has become more important than what you actually can offer them… but as long as you are not complaining you have got to play by the rules.. I hate the rules, but I love me, and because I love me, I want to look my best, and because I want to look my best I am going to lose those putain 5 kilos…Ps: I will keep you informed how is it going J

Saturday, February 16, 2008

oups!!! I think I am still capricious...

Yes, i confess, I am one spoiled capricious woman forever! And worst, i think i love it. I have no problem with male has...and many!!!

I remember that from a very young age i decided spoiled girls live better, so without any of my parents offering to spoil me, i asked for it, and kept insisting until i got it and made it a rule! the thing is, as i grew up and become independent i still look for ways to be spoiled, it's just like i cannot stop, i want it all and i want it now.... My poor male doesn't understand how i can be that way with him, he doesn't know that now that my papa is not around me, all my "capriciousness" is directed towards him....What is he gonna do, that's his destiny!!!! NO NO NO, the truth is that he even encourages me sometimes to be more capricious, i guess he loves me that much to deal with it, that's what he says.

But, aren't all women capricious in some way, don't we all wish to be spoiled...The thing then is to find a very special someone that would deal with your capricious mood or......stay single!!